I am flying out of Frankfurt, Germany going to Buenos Aires, non-stop. I know I will have to go through Customs upon arrival in Buenos Aires, but won't I also go through Customs upon arriving in Germany from Argentina (again flying direct). Thanks!


but won't I also go through Customs upon arriving in Germany from Argentina

Yes. You will go through customs on arrival in both countries.

To clarify: "Customs" means "rolling your bags by an officer, who might want to look at it to see if you have cigarettes, alcohol, agricultural stuff or other items that are regulated or not allowed"

In contrast: "Immigration" (losely) means "Some government official is looking for at your passport and/or visa" . This always happens on arrival but in some countires also on departure. Germany does exit passport control. I don't know about Argentina.

Please note that you ALSO have your passports/visa inspected during check in by the airline. They will not give you a boarding pass, until they are convinced that you meet the entry requirements. This is separate from "immigration".


You will go four times through customs:

  • German customs when leaving Germany
  • Argentinian customs when arriving in Argentina ...
  • Argentinian customs when leaving Argentina
  • German customs when arriving in Germany
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    I'm pretty sure Germany does not do routine customs inspection of departing travelers, and it would surprise me if Argentina did. Usually there's no duty to collect on exports. – Henning Makholm May 24 at 14:51
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    They don't do inspections on a regular basis. But random checks are possible. Just leaving is like "nothing to declare" – Homer Jay May 24 at 14:56
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    A lot of people say customs when they mean immigration, customs or both. "Admin associated with crossing a border". You will do immigration at all 4 points, but likely only customs on arrival. – Richard May 24 at 15:23
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    As mentioned before, there is no customs checkpoint. But your baggage will go through customs. And you have to go to customs if you have something to declare. For example, if you need an "Ausfuhrbescheinigung" – Homer Jay May 24 at 19:14
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    @Aganju It's exit immigration when you leave Germany on a non-Schengen flight if you're not an EU citizen (they stamp you out of the Schengen area, which I'd say is more than an identity check). Unless you've overstayed or are a wanted criminal or something, it's going to be very quick. – Zach Lipton May 24 at 20:14

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