I know that ON Parks is provincial and Parks Canada federal. I'm just ruminating if Parks Canada has a free use day too for all Canadians? Parks Canada blazons that

As of January 1, 2018, admission to Parks Canada places for youth 17 and under has been free!

Using the Institute for Canadian Citizenship's Canoo mobile app, enjoy free admission to Parks Canada locations across the country for one full year after your Citizenship ceremony.

But what if you're 18+ and you've been a citizen for more than one year?


According to the website of Park Canada the two categories you mentioned get free access:

  • Youth below 18
  • New citizens in their first year

There is no mention of any other category that I can find anywhere. However, last year (2018) there were occasions where access was free for anyone:

The free day for each park seems not to happen this year (2019) and I couldn't find any information for Canada Day either, but looking at the link from last year, the press release was from 27 June with Canada Day being on 1 July, so it might still happen.

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