I have a ILR in the UK, known as settled. My Cameroon passport is expired. I have applied for a new passport, but haven’t got it yet. I have the récépissé of the passport.

Can I travel to Paris for a week with my ILR and the Récépissé of my passport?


No, unfortunately this is not possible.

Even if you have residency in the UK, as a Cameroonian citizen you'll need a valid Schengen visa to visit Paris, and for that you need a passport.

In the longer term, if you've held ILR for more than a year you might be eligible to become a British citizen and get a UK passport, which would save a lot of visa troubles in the future.


No, you cannot cross the Schengen external border without a valid travel document. The only exception to this is EU/EEA citizens carrying national ID cards.

For a Cameroon passport you'll also need a visa.

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