I'll be trekking in Georgia in September from Mestia to Ushguli as a group of 4 people.

We have a flight booked back home departing from Batumi at Friday morning around 9:30 AM, while we're planning on finishing the trek at Wednesday evening, spending the night in Ushguli.

So what I'm trying to understand is - is it practical to plan on getting from Ushguli to Batumi in a single day? Maybe over the night? I know the drive between Batumi and Mestia could take up to 7 hours, so I figured that with a problematic bus schedule this could be tricky and might take two days.

Considering we don't mind taking a taxi to and/or from Mestia or even renting a car - how can we do it?


Alternatively, it is possible for us to start the hike 1 day earlier only if we could find a way to get from Batumi to Mestia while leaving Batumi at 5PM. That way we will have two full days for the distance at the end of the trek, described in the original question, making it much more feasible. I'm guessing taxis are not hard to find in Batumi but will we be able to find a driver to take us there so late? Or a car rental to leave In Mestia and pickup 4 days later?

  • With a group of 4 people the most convenient will be to hire a taxi along with its driver, I think. – alamar May 21 at 9:13
  • @alamar I'm sure, and we would like to take one. But we were wondering if it would be possible to find a driver willing to drive us for 6-7 hours, when the drive could end at 11PM. That be true either at the end of the trek or at the beginning of it. – Nexaspx May 21 at 10:50

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