I am Malaysia citizen. Recently I had to renew my Malaysian passport, but my Indian visa still valid up to 2015 in my old Malaysian passport. Can I carry both passport and travel through Malaysian immigration and Indian immigration.

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As per the information mentioned on India Visa Center in Malaysia (responsible for processing Indian visa applications in Malaysia), you can travel with your old passport (and of course the new one), which has a valid Indian visa. Though, they also mentioned that you can get the visa transferred through an application.

Transfer of Visas:

To transfer visas from an expired passport to the new passport, visa application form duly filled in along with one photo and the required fees. You can also travel with expired old passport that has valid Indian visa and valid new passport issued subsequent to issue of Indian visa. Besides the above-mentioned categories, visas are also available for learning Yoga, Music and Dance in India from the institutions approved by the Government of India.

The office address along with the phone numbers for the Kuala Lumpur office are mentioned here.

IVS VMS Sdn. Bhd.

G-01, Ground Floor,

Straits Trading Building, No. 2, Lebuh Pasar Besar, 50050 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603 2692 2692 | Fax: 603 2698 2692

Email:[email protected]

I would strongly urge you to contact them and get clarifications from them. The information on the website might not be reflecting the latest changes in the rules or regulations. What I have heard from someone I know is, sometimes it depends on the immigration agent sitting at the desk, who will be checking your documents.

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