What is the Tube entrance called at Heathrow? Is it in the airline terminal? I am reading it is the Underground Station.

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    Which Heathrow terminal are you using?
    – Nick
    May 13, 2019 at 19:43
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    You didn't specifically ask this, but just in case, when you take the Piccadilly line tube from Heathrow (it's the only line there, the display will probably say it goes to Cockfosters), you can just sit back and relax for 55 minutes until you arrive at King's Cross St. Pancras Underground Station.
    – kiradotee
    May 13, 2019 at 23:28

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The tube or subway is called the Underground. A typical direction sign within a terminal at Heathrow is shown below.

enter image description here

The London Underground logo is used everywhere in the signage.

enter image description here


There are three stations:

  • Heathrow Terminals 2&3
  • Heathrow Terminal 4
  • Heathrow Terminal 5

(Note that 2, 3, 4 and 5 are the only terminals: Terminal 1 closed a few years ago.)

The station for Terminals 2 and 3 is between the two terminals and is reached by clearly signposted pedestrian tunnels. The stations for 4 and 5 are in the corresponding terminal and, again, clearly signposted.

There is more information on the airport website.

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