I plan to travel from Moscow to Warsaw via Belarus by train. I am a U.S. citizen. Do I need a transit visa and where do I get one?


This news article states that the train route from Moscow to Warsaw requires a transit visa for Belarus.

It goes on to give this advice:

Best is to take care of your Belarus transit visa in advance. You should apply for visa in Belarus Consulate in your country. Required documents may vary depending on your citizenship, but normally the list includes:

  1. Passport
  2. Russian visa
  3. Ticket or ticket booking confirmation
  4. Photos 3cm*4cm - have to be taken in advance! They don't provide this service at the consulate
  5. Application form - also, better to fill it out in advance.

We do not recommend applying for Belarus transit visa while in Russia (just because spending time on sightseeing is much more enjoyable than spending this time at the Consulate!), but if you have to do this here are contact details and working hours of Belarus Consulate in Moscow: Maroseika Str., 17/6 building 4, Tel. +7 495 777-66-44

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