If I have a monthly pass of 1 zone(city) and I want to go to another zone(city2) 2, can I just buy a day ticket of zone 2 and travel from zone 1 to zone 2 ?

Its about cities.

Wolfsburg and Braunschweig Having a monatskarte of one of them and want to go to the other via regio Bahn

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    Because of the deutsche bahn tag I assume your question is about Germany. But about which city?
    – Dirty-flow
    May 9 '19 at 12:38
  • Since you mention zones, I assume this is about some transport association rather than Deutsche Bahn...Therefore, please name both cities and both zone numbers (are they really called 1 and 2?), as some networks are set up in such a way that what's true between A and B (zone 1 and 2) is not true between A and C (zone 1 and 3) or similar things.
    – Sabine
    May 9 '19 at 12:48

Accroding to price table it's price zone 3 from Wolfsburg to Braunschweig, not 2. So you will need a ticket for price zone 3 (prices).

However, if you have a month ticket, you can buy an Erweiterungskarte (extension ticket) which allows you to travel across the whole VRB area for 2,50€ (one-way).

  • Just to confirm if I understood this correctly. So with and extension ticket, I can go to Wolfsburg (I have a Plus-Monatskart for Braunschweig). Right ? Sorry for repeating but the translation is a little typical and I don't want to end up in a wrong situation. May 10 '19 at 16:27
  • Yes, this is what is said in the linked page. You can ask at a counter at the train station whether it is correct.
    – Neusser
    May 10 '19 at 18:39

Wolfsburg is zone 20, Braunschweig is Zone 40, https://www.wvg.de/fileadmin/wvg/files/PDF2016/Tarifzonen.PDF

The zones do not touch, but you'd have to go through either zone 16 or 36. In this case you would need a 3-zone ticket or "Price Level 3" per this info. https://www.wvg.de/fileadmin/user_upload/VRB-Flyer_Need-help_DE-EN-FR_2019_03-19_WEB.pdf

If you can read German, this is a better link https://www.wvg.de/fahrgastinfo/tickets-preise.html

Most of the trains seem to operated by Enno https://www.der-enno.de/fahrkarten/gvh-und-vrb/ so if you buy a VRB ticket you can take these trains. You probably can not take a train operated by Deutsche Bundesbahn with a VRB ticket and would need a seperate tickets. Given the short distance, the bahn high speed trains really don't offer and advantage anyway.

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