I work in USA on the H1B visa. I have an Indian passport.

I have a vacation coming up to Athens and Santorini in July for which I plan to apply for a Schengen visa at the Greece embassy in San Francisco.

I am also in the early stages of planning another trip to Europe during Thanksgiving break in November. We don't know the exact destinations yet and do not have any tickets booked for the Thanksgiving trip. This trip may or may not include Greece.

I read that not all EU embassies and consulates issue MEVs, so my questions are:

  1. Does anyone know if the Greece embassy in SF issue short stay multiple entry visas?
  2. Could I request an multiple entry visa without having a set itinerary for the 2nd trip confirmed? What are the odds of actually getting it?

(In case this info helps: I do have an expired Schengen visa from another country that was MULT type even though I had just requested a single entry visa, I only used it once)

  • Getting a multiple entry visa also depends on your itinerary, your travel history, and your personal conditions. If the trip requires several entries, e.g. France-UK-Germany, they give you a double entry or no visa at all. If there are several distinct trips, they might ask you to make several applications, one after the other. If you have a good travel history, they are more likely to grant long, multiple-entry visa. – o.m. May 6 at 7:28
  • "I read that not all EU embassies and consulates issue MEVs": that sounds implausible to me. What was the source of that information? – phoog May 6 at 11:53

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