I got a private invitation from Russia, the problem is on my passport given name is Ajit pal singh and I have no surname, but my Russian invitation my name mention on surname coloum is ajitpal and given name coloum mention is singh in Russian language but automatically my name is mention is according to my passport Ajit pal singh is it OK that thing plz help me bcoz I so worry about that! M attached my passport n invitation with my name enter image description hereenter image description here

  • That is totaly ok! – N Randhawa May 4 at 20:02

This is perfectly OK. Many countries do not have any significant number of people who do not have surnames, so when transcribing such names into their computers they may take a variety of approaches, because their computers require something to appear in each field. For example, if you were to obtain a US visa, the the visa would show "FNU" in the given name field and your entire name would appear in the surname field. It is likely that something similar will happen with your name printed on your airline ticket, as their computers also require given names and surnames. As long as your entire name is there in either field and matches the name in your passport, it should be no problem.

  • That's urs means my name on invitation is correct according to my passport name right? – Honey singh Singh May 9 at 6:47

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