Really bad idea I booked with them without reviewing their services. There was a fairly cheap ticket and I purchased it. It took time to be confirmed or for me to get an email. I asked for live help and the person was very casual 'just wait two hours'. And nothing. Ten hours later, I noticed my card was charged but no ticket. in their page, it says pending. Then I was told to add $69, which I said no. The customer agent ended the chat session instantly. Long story short, I got on the phone and the woman said they have refunded my ticket and it will show up in 7-10 days and my reservation shows as 'Cancelled'. But now I got an email from them:

Passenger Type  Passengers  Ticket Price    Taxes & Fees    Total
Adult   1   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00
Total Trip Cost:    $300.00 USD 

I don't know what to make of it. I already contacted the airline and they are taking forever to reply.

There was no further transaction activity and I have emptied the card right away for fear. For those who have experience wit the website (which is Indians and super careless tone-wise), should I cancel my card as well? Is there anyway to get refund or at least know what Cancelled mean to them?

NEVER AGAIN cheapfaresnow.com

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When you are in dispute with a merchant about a card transaction, you need to talk to your bank about it.

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    thank you. Finally my bank replied and are asking all sort of questions. – Nie Selam May 4 at 10:23

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