I have an Australian visitor Visa valid till end of Dec 2019. My passport got renewed in February 2019 and I only just got around to informing them of the change via form 929. The reply was it will be updated within approx 4 weeks!

(1)Since I had done a paper application for the visa , I don't have an Immi account. Is that why it is taking so long? If I had done the visa application via Immi account would it have been faster?

(2) If it doesn't get updated fast enough, can I travel with the old and new passports as well as my 929 submission proof and hope the airlines will do the updation before they let me board? Or is that a risk? What are my chances of getting turned back?

(3) The visa itself took 37 days (although they said 29 days)to come and I couldnt travel with my family in December. What are others experiences in getting passport details updated after submitting 929?

  • The check-in agent can telephone the Border Operations Centre to transfer your visa across, if they know what to do. Be prepared to ask the check-in agent to contact the BOC if there are issues. You can read through section 2.9 of this manual to understand what will happen. See also here for another traveller's experience. – k2moo4 May 2 '19 at 12:53
  • Well the updation finally came around 45 days later! Our trip got postponed so I never had to test whether they would let me in on the old passport. – Asha Jun 14 '19 at 18:40