Inspired by this, but the complete opposite: What is the most remote airport from the center of the city it supposedly serves?

Personally, I can't think of anything closer than Adelaide Airport (ADL), only 6.0km from Tarntanyangga to the Terminal Dropoff point (as close as you can get to the terminal with a car).

Hong Kong's old Kai Tak would have been close (depending on where you count the 'centre' of Hong Kong to be) but that's long gone.

Are there any others that even come close?

(The only rule I'll stipulate is that it has to be a decent-sized city, 50k+ population; rural towns with 5 houses and a dusty airstrip in their backyards don't count.)

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  • San Jose CA. Airport is pretty much in the middle of the city. May 3, 2019 at 23:16
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    How do you determine the centre of a city? On my previous trip I walked from my hostel in Taipei to Songshan International Airport in about an hour. It's also roughly an hour's walk to the main train station, the town hall, and the main post office. The boundary of the city extends far to the north, south, east, and west of where the airport is. Jul 29, 2019 at 11:24

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Honorary mention to the airport whose English name is Osaka International airport but which is known to the locals merely as Itami airport; reflected by the airport code ITM. It is quite far from whatever you want to consider the city centre of Osaka (the Umeda area being closest yet still far away). It does, however, sit in the middle of the urban sprawl and there are no visible municipal boundaries between it and Osaka.

Furthermore, it is situated on the land of Toyonaka (396,000 inhabitants), Ikeda (103,000) and, yes, the ciy of Itami (197,000) – all three of which are larger than the 50k you requested in the question. The distances from the terminal building to the centres of these three (taken as the city hall or 市役所 of the respective cities) according to OpenStreetMaps (pedestrian) are 4.3 km to Ikeda, 3.4 km to Toyonaka and 5.9 km to Itami. (Itami City is across the runway from the terminal building. Wikipedia claims there be a long tunnel passing beneath terminal and apron to Itami city which would shorten the distance considerably as the current route detours around the terminal but if that tunnel still exists it has not been mapped out.)

These numbers give it a weird distinction of having two cities closer to it than the two different cities it is named after – and being well within walking distance of the centres of three different 100k+ cities including one of its namesakes.


Stockholm Bromma is in the running can’t be more than 1-2km from city center

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    A simple Google maps direction shows it's at least 9 kilometer.
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    I make it 7 km from the geometric center of the E20 highway to the closest point on the perimeter of the airport.
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    Jul 29, 2019 at 20:15

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