My flight is Delhi to Almakhtom when I arrive in Almakhtom I have to change my airport I have to go Dubai international airport.Do I need to a transit Visa dubai

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    Possible duplicate of Do I need a transit visa for a layover in the United Arab Emirates? – user90371 May 2 '19 at 4:51
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    @ReddHerring The linked Q&A doesn't cover the case of changing airports in Dubai (probably because DWC wasn't yet open when it was written). It should, but currently it does not. And the 96-hour visa on arrival is only available at DXB as far as I can tell. – Michael Hampton May 2 '19 at 6:13
  • Which Visa do you have? – susanoo chidori May 2 '19 at 8:08

You need a visa for UAE in order to change airports.

Because your initial flight lands at DWC, and your connecting flight departs fromm DXB, you must clear immigration at DWC, take ground transportation to DXB, and exit immigration at DXB to reach your connecting flight.

Contact your airline for help with obtaining the UAE transit visa. These can be obtained directly from many airlines which fly to UAE.

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