I am an Indian citizen who was residing in the U.S few months back. I got a job offer from Italy and therefore, applied for a Schengen visa from the U.S. However, I had to come back to India for some personal reasons and now I will be traveling to Italy from India. My visa started from February 20 and is valid for one year. I am traveling to Italy on April 29.

My question is, since the issuing country and point of departure is different, can I still travel from India? Does the delayed date of arrival matter?

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    Visa-issuing authorities don’t care where you travel from, they only care that you arrive and leave within the visa’s validity period. – Traveller Apr 28 at 8:01
  • The question is slightly different, but the answers are the same: travel.stackexchange.com/questions/129028/… – jcaron Apr 28 at 8:33
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    In terms of dates of travel, it shouldn’t matter much, though you should expect border officers to double check that your reasons for visiting are still the same and that more generally the conditions of your visa are still met. What type of visa is it, and are you going for an interview or to actually start to work? – jcaron Apr 28 at 8:35
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    This issuing country was Italy, even though they issued it to you while you were in the US. As others have said, they don't really care where you travel from. – simon at rcl Apr 28 at 12:24
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    As @simonatrcl says, the visa was issued by Italy; it was only issued in the United States. Why would you think that there would be a relationship between the place of issue and the point of departure? Is there something in the official information that suggests this would be the case? – phoog Apr 28 at 13:22

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