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So could you please help out is it possible for me to visit again cause that was canceled when I wanted to apply for a stay Visa since I got married in the UK ,I am from Botswana what should I do or contact because my husband calls me every day(as proof that we have long been communicating)but they refused to give me Visa they say my marriage is fake..that's an example on how they did my passport

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    If you've applied to stay in Britain and been rejected you will find it difficult to get a visa to visit because UKVI will be worried that you'll overstay once you arrive. You need to fix the issue that UKVI have with your marriage, but that's off-topic for this site. You should have received a letter explaining the reasons for rejection. Ask this question on Expatriates and post that letter with personal information blacked out. Don't be surprised if the advice given is to consult a UK lawyer with immigration experience. – user90371 Apr 27 '19 at 23:11

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