Due to a recent air force dog fight between India & Pakistan few weeks back, Swiss Air has been avoiding the Pakistani air space & that has been causing delays for both arrivals & departure. My arrival in India was quite late & looks like my departure from India would be late too (LX 147 for those who are interested).

I have a connection from Zurich to Toronto (AC 879) & have a layover of about 3 hours. I have been tracking LX 147 almost regularly & from the looks of it, there are high chances of me missing the connection.

I know it will be Airline's responsibility & they will rebook me on a next flight but in case I need to stay overnight, what would happen then? Would I get a conditional visa to stay there by the authorities?

Also, I should mention that I am a Permanent Resident of Canada & I am an Indian citizen. Moreover, the booking is on single ticket.

  • Just to clarify...You are travelling India-ZRH-Toronto on LX-147 and AC-879 and are worried that due to late departure of LX-147 from India (due to late arrival of inbound flight) you might miss the outbound to Toronto. Is that right? You should include information about your nationality and if the booking is on a single ticket. – RedBaron Apr 26 at 6:53
  • @RedBaron Yes, you assumed correctly. I just added that information. – binarynumber Apr 26 at 7:13
  • 2
    There is a transit hotel in ZRH which I believe is airside (it’s not really clear from the description). If that is the case they can book a room for you there. Another option is for them to reroute you, either for just the second flight, or even from end to end, if they are confident you won’t make it. It might be cheaper for them. Probably best if you contact them in advance or arrive very early at the airport to have the widest choice of options. – jcaron Apr 26 at 7:49

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