My wife applied for the UK academic and I was the dependent. Our application got refused and we got banned for 10 years — false documents. We didn't reply to the refusals. Now 10 years have passed and I want to apply for Australia to get the MSc degree. My wife will be dependent this time. Can someone please let me know the possibilities for this matter?

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    Any advice we can give will work only if you are a genuine visitor. If your intent is to overstay the visa then the advice will not be helpful to you. – Michael Hampton Apr 25 at 19:16

The Australian form will ask if you have ever been removed, deported, or excluded from any country, Australia or otherwise. If so, they ask for the details.

  • The fact that the UK banned you will reduce your chances for an Australian visa but it will not make it impossible.
  • The fact that the ban has expired will make it a little better, but it will not make the problem go away completely.

We cannot predict your chances, but they will look very closely at any documents you submit this time.

This won't help chathuranga after the fact, but others who are reading this should note that just one ban or deportation by a major country can follow you for the rest of your life. Read the visa forms carefully and tell the truth.

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