I am a permanent resident of the US. My family was supposed to travel to the UK for a holiday on May 13th 2019. My biometrics was scheduled for April 5th at my local application support center (Austin). Upon arriving there on that day I came to find out that the service was temporarily suspended.

I went to the premium application center in Houston for my biometrics on April 18th. I posted my biometrics slip, supporting documents and my passports with the application through UPS Express Service. The package was supposed to be delivered on Monday, April 22. However, I got a call from UPS saying that my package was refused by the New York Office.

The package was sent to the following address : VFS Services USA Inc UKVI ScanningHub 80 Broad St Fl 6 New York, NY 10004-2838

I don't understand why my package was refused. UPS doesn't give any explanation and says it's coming back to me. I am supposed to leave for the UK on May 13th 2019 for my 10 day trip. Does anyone know if purchasing a bronze package from VFS help expedite my visa process?

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    Similar: UK visa in NY (Indian Citizen). In that case, the package was refused because it had been opened before delivery. If this is also the reason in your case, you can just resend the package. – phoog Apr 24 at 15:23
  • Who would have opened it ? – Sac Apr 24 at 21:39
  • it's impossible to know, and it doesn't particularly matter. Most likely it was done by accident. – phoog Apr 24 at 23:27
  • There is a limit of 5 days on the biometrics. Do you know if they consider that? I am thinking of applying through VFS as I have limited days (18 days) for travel. Do you know if buying a bronze package from VFS will expedite my process. I have emailed VFS twice but they havent replied. – Sac Apr 25 at 2:10

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