I would like to travel from Israel to Europe by boat (specifically I want to get to Holland, but anywhere in Europe will do).

It seems there are no longer passenger boats going from Israel to Cyprus/Greece or any other place. In any case, I heard about opportunities to travel by sailing boat or cargo ship while volunteering. For example, a boat owner wants his boat transported from A to B, and so a few people can volunteer bringing the boat there, traveling for free.

Does anyone know more about this?
I checked out crewseekers and workaway but couldn't find any boats departing from Israel. By the way, I have hardly any sailing experience (but heard they need also people without experience)

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    Probably easier thought than done. On a modern cargo ship there's not many useful tasks to do that an untrained landlubber can do, without costing the existing crew as much time in instruction and supervision as they save doing the actual work. Commented Apr 24, 2019 at 15:08

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Voluntering on board of a cargo ship can be hard as Henning wrote in a comment. On some cargo ships however once can rent a passage. I for instance found this German prospectus with a ship touching Haifa: https://frachtschiffreisen-pfeiffer.de/reisedateien/programm/Pfeiffer-Programm-Suedeuropa.pdf (2nd entry on page 4) If one can join in Haifa or only Hamburg I don't know, you might send them a message. With cargo ships however mind that the routes can change while traveling depending on business needs. Cargo has way higher precedence over passengers.

Volunteering can be simpler on sailing yachts. Find a Crew is a site collecting such offers. Typically however skippers prefer to have people for the complete turn and those are smaller boats, thus it's more likely to become seasick.

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