I want to travel to the US on a tourist visa B1/B2 for 3 weeks.

I have my old expired passport with valid US visa in which the Surname - VIVEK SHINGARI & Given Name - FNU (even though surname is blank & given name - Vivek Shingari in the old passport).

Now I have recently made a new passport with Surname - Shingari & Given Name - Vivek.

Do I need to get a new visa just to travel as a tourist for 3 weeks & come back to India?

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    Your question tile here isn't at all suitable. It contradicts the main question about how long you want to stay but, more significantly, it doesn't mention the only important thing, which is that your visa is in an old passport with a different name. – David Richerby Apr 24 '19 at 9:11

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