Will American Airlines take responsibility for overstaying 1 day of VWP due to a delay in a connecting flight?

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    Are the flights part of the same ticket? – Moo Apr 24 at 4:31
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    Airlines’ terms & conditions generally state that visas and other entry requirements in general are the passenger’s responsibility – Traveller Apr 24 at 4:43
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    How would they “take responsibility”? IMHO it’s the traveller’s responsibility to include enough margin in their travel plans to account for any delays and cancellations. – jcaron Apr 24 at 7:55
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    If the US decides to throw the book at you because of the overstay, there will be very little that the airline could do to stop that. Fortunately, they probably won't. – phoog Apr 24 at 8:46
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    No business will take responsibility for consequential losses because there's no way to quantify them. Your flight is delayed so AA might credit you with a few dollars for your trouble. They're not going to take responsibility for your relationship with CBP, or make good on that million-dollar contract you missed the meeting to sign, or... It's a bad idea to plan a trip so close to the wire for this very reason. – user90371 Apr 24 at 10:28