I am considering using Kuala Lumpur as a "home base" using the "3-month visa free" for EU citizens. I plan to fly into Kuala Lumpur with an exit ticket to my native country in Europe. I do not want to conduct visa runs.

Would I be able to leave Malaysia to various countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Australia and possibly after each country return to Malaysia all within the 3-month window with no problems at immigration each time? I'd rather not be accused of constant visa runs if I have paid for accommodation for three months in Malaysia.

A scenario to illustrate what I am attempting to ask:

I fly into Kuala Lumpur from a third country (arriving on the 25th April), but I have a return ticket from Malaysia to my home country after 3 months (dated 23rd July). I arrange accommodation for three months in Malaysia.

I then travel to Singapore, and then back to Kuala Lumpur, then I fly to Seoul and return to Kuala Lumpur after which I fly to Australia and then back to Malaysia. A month later I fly to Seoul and then return to Malaysia again and so on.

After 3 months I return to my own country via Kuala Lumpur.

However, I imagine immigration might reissue me with visa-free stickers for each time and subsequently accuse me of a visa run but that is not my intention. I intend to holiday in Asia but have KL as a base to return to and recuperate.


  • Perhaps I was not explicit enough as I am not attempting to extend my visa-free - quite the opposite. I would prefer to retain the 3 months when I return to Malaysia multiple times. I just imagine they might keep reissuing my sticker and then accuse me of attempting to do a visa run. I would like to use Malaysia as a "home" for three months but be allowed to leave within that 3-month window and then return (more than once). – jtravel Apr 23 at 21:08
  • @Traveller This isn't about visa runs. The asker want to leave Malaysia within 90 days of their first arrival, but wants to come in and out of Malaysia multiple times during that period. – David Richerby Apr 24 at 9:09
  • Not related to your question, and not meaning to be critical, but KUL-ICN is around 2900 miles, and SYD-KUL is almost 4100. That is about the same as Paris to Delhi, and farther than Paris to Kinshasa, for comparison. I'd say KUL is not an unreasonable base for SE Asia and Indonesia, but I don't see the benefit for Australia and East Asia, compared to making a circuit trip. Just my personal opinion. – choster Apr 24 at 15:06

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