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I am a Palestinian citizen living in lebanon. I am a student (aircraft engineer) in university of balamand and i basically have a paper that confirms this. My question is do i need a visa to enter North Cyprus on easter vacation for like maximum 6 days?last time i traveled with visa but I entered turkey for one day because there was a problem in aircraft so i slept one day in Istanbul which I entered turkey with this visa.in addition, last time i applied visa to turkey but now i dont have this visa. Therefore,I booked tickets to Northern Cyprus im afraid they wont let me reach ercan because some offices told me i need transit turkish visa. I took ticket transit to adana to reach ercan. I have many friends with my case reached but im afraid.I hope u now understood my explanation.

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  • It is not quite clear to me how your present plan differs from your successful trip last time. Can you edit your question to explain more details for us? – mdewey Apr 23 at 15:55
  • mfa.gov.ct.tr/consular-info/visa-regulations seems to say that you do not need a visa. – mkennedy Apr 23 at 20:03
  • @mkennedy All flights to Northern Cyprus go through Turkey, so OP is asking if they need a Turkish transit visa. There are no direct international flights from any other country – BritishSam May 13 at 8:45
  • @BritishSam Oops, missed that. Thanks! – mkennedy May 13 at 18:04

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