I have a flight from YYZ to IST, where I will be staying for a few days until I fly to LHE. I am travelling with children and have bags with me that I wont need until I reach LHE. It is a single ticket. Is there anyway that I can have them sent straight from YYZ to LHE? I can arrange for pickup from the airport in LHE.


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The airline will not be able to store your luggage for such a long connection, and your bags are not legally allow travel on a different flight to you (there are exceptions, but they will not be relevant here).

You will need to collect your bags on arrival in Istanbul, and then re-check them with the airline shortly before departure.

If you do not wish to carry your bags to/from your hotel, there is a service called Miniport that can do this for you relatively cheaply (as low as a few dollars per bag, depending on the destination).

According to the Turkish Airlines website regarding the new Istanbul airport, "There are left luggage/baggage check areas at two different locations at the passenger terminal arrivals level. There are electronic baggage boxes located in the passenger terminal departures level", however there is no mention of price, and as the new Istanbul airport has only recently opened there don't seem to be any reports of prices on the internet that I can find.

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