I need your advice please. Any advice will be appreciated! My first interview for B1 US visa was denied in 17th April. 2019 and I again applied to new interview with same purpose. Interview date is 25th April. I wore suit with tie. And my interview started with nise VO.

VO: Good morning Me: Good morning sir.

VO: Can I have your passport Me: sure

VO: Where do you study Me: ABCD university PhD student

VO: what is your purpose Me: IEEE s&p conference

VO: how long you will stay Me: 4 nights

VO: what your parents do? Me: I said my father is taxist instead of( taxi driver) my mom is seller

VO: sorry I don’t understand your father’s job Me: again taxist instead of( taxi driver), after 2 secon I corrected my mistake he is taxi driver. Sorry

VO: have you been other countries (last question) Me: no

VO:( gave me one yellow paper) everything is explained here. Me: Thank you very much( I read this Paper after leaving interview room. It was Section 214(b) But I live with my wife in korea. It is not strong tie? He did not asked about my marriage and supporting documents. I had following documents: -financial support ; -letter of guarantee (returnt bact Korea); -invitation letter; -round trip ticket ; -hotel booking; 1)I wanna give all of my docs with passport. Is it polite? How VO react for this situation? 2)Making mistake with my father’s job and correcting that mistake will it lead to a rejection? 3) what kind of questions I can expect in the 25th next interview? And how many % of chance I have for approving my visa in next immediate interview? Thank you for sharing you time!



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