I'm travelling to San Francisco (SFO) with family this May. My first flight is with JAL to Narita. After a 12hr layover, the next flight is from Haneda to San Francisco. Similar routing on the way back a few weeks later (SFO-HND / NRT - ? ). Do I need a visa for Japan and if yes, what kind?

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    What is your citizenship? – Traveller Apr 21 at 7:47
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    @Traveller He is extremely likely to be Indian. – chx Apr 21 at 8:03

I will go with the presumption you hold a passport issued by India (I Googled your name). I entered your data into Timatic which the airline will also use (and deny boarding if you don't have the necessary documentation). It shows you need a visa. Checking visa types, the transit visa will be enough as it is valid for 15 days maximum.

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