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I have a question on this electronic APIS. If I fly from China to USA and book ticket and check in using Chinese passport, but enter USA using US passport, will this be a problem? I am concerned due the the information mismatch between APIS (immigration) and US passport, there will be a problem entering US?


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  • The first problem is that you won't be able to check in with your Chinese passport unless you have a US visa in that passport. – David Richerby Apr 20 at 20:52

It won't work like that.

When you check in for your flight to the US, you will have to show your US passport, so that the airline can verify that you have the right to enter the US. The airline will send your US passport information via APIS, so there won't be any mismatch.

In the rare event that they screw up and do not send the correct US passport information to APIS, they'll get a "do not board" message back. If for some reason that doesn't happen and they board you anyway, you'll get a big X on your receipt when you use the APC kiosk at US immigration (because the kiosk checks your passport against the flight manifest from APIS and prints the X if there is a mismatch) and you'll probably get more than the usual questions when you speak to the CBP officer.

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    That’s a significant problem if you don’t want China to know you have another citizenship given China’s nationality laws. – Zach Lipton Apr 20 at 3:05
  • Oh, that's right. You're pretty much going to have to go via a third country on separate tickets, as described in the linked Q&A. – Michael Hampton Apr 20 at 3:33
  • The airline is not China. – Aganju Apr 20 at 3:33
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    @Nick You haven't got a US visa in your Chinese passport. The Chinese immigration might question how you were able to enter the US without one. Then they may discover your US citizenship. – Michael Hampton Apr 20 at 5:47
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    @Nick the greater risk is in leaving China to travel to the US, because you'll have a boarding pass for a flight to the US, but you won't have a visa in your Chinese passport. The airline wouldn't have issued a boarding pass to you unless you had another passport. – phoog Apr 20 at 13:47

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