Is it possible to rent a bike in California (SF ideally) and drop it off up north somewhere (Eureka ideally)?

  • I've never heard of a company that does this. This blog post (which talks about SF->LA) poses at least the hypothetical idea that you could rent a bike in San Francisco from an accommodating rental company and have a local bike shop at your destination ship it back to the rental company (and probably pay the rental company something extra to receive it and reassemble it). Still, renting a car one-way and driving it back may well be cheaper and easier, and finding a suitable touring bike to rent could take some effort. – Zach Lipton Apr 19 '19 at 4:34

After some research, there are no rental companies that do this. You would be better off buying/shipping a bike or renting a car. Alternatively, as mentioned in the comments you can ship it back to the rental company but hiring a car would be easier and cheaper.

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