Can my son return to US from Australia if he was a overstayer in US?

He came here when he was 8 yrs old waivers and its expired already and he still here and I'm in here too but I'm going back to Australia this month. He just got a letter from California football they invited him to play for california in Australia and he really want to go but I need help if he can come back in to US after they play in Australia.

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    Is your son in the USA illegally now? What is his nationality? Are you in the USA too -- legally or illegally? – Henning Makholm Apr 18 at 17:11
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    What does "waivers" mean there? Are you saying that he arrived with the visa waiver program? Nine years ago? You probably ought to speak to an immigration lawyer. The likelihood of your son being refused entry is very high. – phoog Apr 18 at 17:24
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    I'm not sure it's really a duplicate. That question is "I was an illegal immigrant as a child, I left for several years and now I'm an adult and I want to come back to visit", whereas this one is "I am an illegal immigrant and a child, and I want to briefly leave the US, and then return to continue being an illegal immigrant."That feels very different, to me. – David Richerby Apr 18 at 19:42
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    FYI, your son does not become an illegal overstayer until he's 18. There is still a chanсe for him to leave the US without breaking the laws. – JonathanReez Apr 19 at 5:08
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    As an aside to the original question, once he turns 18 his status as an illegal overstayer will surely be hanging over him and everything he wants to do in his life, every interaction with prospective employers, government agencies etc. What happens when California football find out they’ve invited an overstayer to play for them abroad? – Traveller Apr 19 at 6:39

Chances are microscopic that he will be admitted.

He is currently in the US illegally, and that gets worse with duration, not better. So if he leaves, he would not be admitted back in, and probably would not get a visa either, for years.

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