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I have submitted 4 applications on 5th april at VAC,Lahore, Pakistan and received this email for all 4 of us...

Dear Customer,

Your UK visa application has been issued.


You will be contacted by the Visa Application Centre when your documents are ready for collection, or have been dispatched via courier where this is relevant.

You are reminded that you should avoid making travel plans until you have collected your passport, as the outcome of your visa application is not final until you receive your passport.

Please ensure you check the details on your visa when collecting your passport. If you need to contact us you can do so via our International Enquiry Service at https://www.gov.uk/contact-ukvi-outside-uk

Kind regards,

UK Visas and Immigration British Embassy Abu Dhabi https://www.gov.uk/ukvi

Please help me out what decision should I expect?

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We can’t tell - this is just the advice to say the decision has been made, it indicates nothing, neither approval or refusal. No-one will be able to tell you the decision, you can only find out when you get your documents back.

  • I thought that visas are issued because of the word issued and secondly they have mentioned to check details on visa! That's why i asked :) – qasimcool Apr 18 at 13:33
  • 2
    @qasimcool Unfortunately it’s bad use of the word ‘issued’ - it should read ‘decided’, IMHO as a native English speaker – Traveller Apr 18 at 13:41
  • 1
    Or maybe "the decision on your application has been issued". – Patricia Shanahan Apr 18 at 14:22

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