As per the recent suspension of biometrics enrolment for UK visas at US Application Support Centres, I wanted to upgrade from normal to premium service to use the New York Premium Application Centre. Do I have to cancel my current appointment to do that? As far as I understand so far, I have to cancel my current application and submit a new one, including the questionnaire.

EDIT: I was scheduled to go to ASC on Apr 17th, went straight to the Premium Centre instead, did not pay or upgrade or anything. They admitted me even though my supposed rescheduled date was Apr 26th. Got lucky I suppose. Proceed with caution.

  • I want to know too, I am having the same problem. What a disaster. I'm supposed to start working in the UK in less than 3 weeks but that looks highly unlikely right now. Does anyone know?! I too want to go premium now in a last ditch effort to start my job on time. – alexis Apr 17 at 17:20

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