I'm going on a trip to Japan this weekend. I have a bit of an oral as well as hand fixation, meaning that I find it very difficult if I'm not doing something with my mouth and/or hands at all times. I tend to chew a lot of gum and play games on my phone while I'm outdoors, and this works fairly well. However, since I'm going to Japan and I plan to do a lot of sightseeing, I'd like to do something that doesn't have me glued to a screen at all times, and enjoy the sights while I'm there. I have a vape for this purpose; it's non-nicotine (I'm not a current or former smoker), and I use it mainly so I can have something to do with my hands and mouth while I'm outdoors.

I know that in Japan it is frowned upon to smoke cigarettes outside of designated smoking areas, but as vaping is different from smoking in terms of various health effects and so on, as well as producing zero litter, are the rules different for vapes? I'm not particularly interested in vaping in a smoking area, I'm more interested in taking it on my sightseeing excursions and vaping while doing other things outdoors, so if it's treated like a cigarette then I won't bother even bringing it with me.

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    As I know Japan doesn’t separate real tabaco to electronic cigarettes and vape. People judge them as smoking so you should be at designated smoking areas. – Binh Apr 16 at 16:16

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