My apologies for this being a long post. Backgrounds:

1) Was searching for postdoc positions by December 2018, got on-site interview invitations. I applied for B1/B2 from Canada (where I was doing coop), scheduled the visa interview, and honestly indicated that I was mainly heading US for interviews, and got background check AP (221g yellow). Sure I can live with it.

2) And the AP dragged for >90 days, with only one request on updating/reconfirming my traveling purpose by around day 30, which I did so. It's already April. I've left Canada, no longer have any interviews, got the offer I pursued (through skype interviews, ironically), and was in the process of J1. I sent a follow-up mail to inquiry about the B1/B2, seeking to close it or something just to make sure I'm not leaving it as a stub and let it bite me in J1 application.

3) The Consulate personals who reply the follow-up email contradicted themselves. In the first two responds, they told me that the Consulate informed me to send in passport on day 30 (which I swear was not the case), and that they'd cancel the B1/B2, which I consented. Not a word from them for 3 or 4 days. After another follow-up on the follow-up mail, I was asked to update/reconfirm my traveling purpose once again! It's safely more than 100 days after the initial visa interview. I've always appreciated honesty, but after all these I'm at the verge of doubting my beliefs. Anyway.

4) The https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/ states that the application is still under AP.


All I want is to make sure the J1 application won't be affected by this mess. So, how do I close the B1/B2, or do I need to? To whom this issue should be addressed to? Should I include a letter of explanation or something in future visa applications regarding the things described above, if the B1/B2 can't be retracted/cancelled?

Any advices would be appreciated. Thank you! Future follow ups will be posted as comments.

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  • Have you asked advice from your J-1 sponsor? If it's a university or other large institution, they probably have more resources to navigate this mess. At least you should get their advice before submitting a J-1 visa application. – krubo Apr 16 at 12:00
  • @krubo Thanks for the reply! I'm still waiting for J1's DS-2019 form, it'll take a few more time until its submission, and I've kept them updated on this issue. But what concerned me was that the person/institution who sponsored my B1/B2 application (by providing a on-site interview invitation letter) is not my J1 sponsor - I interviewed for a few positions and settled to accept offer from another university. I'm a little worried that I'd be on my own for the B1/B2 tbh, if it does need to be closed... – Nriuam Apr 16 at 13:39
  • Regardless of the prior circumstances, your new J-1 sponsor should appreciate you discussing the potential issue with them now and getting their advice, in order to reduce the chance of later problems. – krubo Apr 17 at 20:32
  • @krubo It turned out that a) the Consulate said unclosed B1/B2 won't bother & seemingly unwilling to close it (?), and b) my J1 sponsor was informed about the progress and thought I'm mostly set with this strange setup. I guess I'll leave it as-is for now. – Nriuam Apr 18 at 8:04

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