I have a unique issue, please help me. I had applied for NL Schengen visa a few months because of a business trip. i got the visa for a year but my trip got cancelled and i could not travel. Now i am going to travel to Spain with my family. My family has Spain Schengen visa as they applied recently. I could not apply for Spain Schengen because i already had NL Schengen visa. I am now travelling with my family to Spain, While they have no issues since they have Spain visa, i have the visa from NL but have not travelled in NL and neither do i intend to travel to NL in this trip. I can travel to NL later but not now

Will i get an entry into Spain? I have all documents with me to show that i intend to stay in Spain for quite sometime. Please help Thanks Deb

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    This issue is not unique. – phoog Apr 11 at 16:43