Planning a eurotrip from India this summer...iten: Entry: Amsterdam 3 nights Belgium:4 nights Italy: 5 nights Spain: 5 nights France: 3 nights port of exit back to India.

Which consulate should I apply my visa for this itinerary?


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According to a few resources mentioned below, and the information the Netherland Embassy had given to me a while ago, the country (embassy) you're applying your visa from, has to be either the first country you're entering within the Schengen zone, or the one that you'll be staying the longest.

You can then travel within the Schengen area to other countries. Which consulate you should apply your visa would probably depend on how long you're going to stay in each country, what flights/buses/trains you're going to take and which itinerary is the most efficient/cheapest. etc.

There have been other questions previously asked (Should my first trip be to the country which issued my Schengen Visa?) which I highly recommend to search and read before posting new questions.

You can also read the FAQs about the visas and also this info from the French embassy about choosing the main destination correctly.

P.S. Based on what I've heard from friends, NL is fairly straightforward, efficient, and easy on issuing visas.

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    Your first link is to schengenvisainfo.com, which is a private website whose goal is to sell ads, and which is infamous for providing misleading or outdated information in their quest to get viewers for their ads. Apr 9, 2019 at 11:21
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    In particular, the page you're linking to completely ignores the main rule that one must apply to the country where the main purpose of the trip is located. Only for trips where there is no clearly located main purpose will the fallback rules about counting length-of-stay apply. Apr 9, 2019 at 11:23
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    Amendments made. Thanks for the warning.
    – Neeku
    Apr 9, 2019 at 11:27

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