I am flying to Vietnam this August from London although I am from Spain, I have a friend that lives there, since I am flying with him, and it was cheaper than flying from Spain I decided to fly from London. Are there any visa issues that I could be facing in my departure?

  • How long do you plan to spend in Vietnam?
    – Traveller
    Apr 8 '19 at 19:36

As at 9th April 2019 you will not need a visa in the UK, although it is possible that things might change after Brexit (now 12th April, although a delay is possible)

As a Spanish citizen you can enter Vietnam visa-free if your stay is less than 15 days. (Source)

If you intend to stay more than 15 days, or if you intend to return to Vietnam less than a month after your visa-free visit you'll need an eVisa, applied for online and collected on arrival, cost from $17 (Source as above).


  • Your passport must be valid for six months beyond the date of arrival
  • The regulations covering these visa arrangements expire on 30th June 2019

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