I have a student visa for Ukraine but was refused entry on the basis of I don't have enough physical cash on me to take care of myself and that I panicked at the end of my interview.

The immigration officers brought me a document to sign which contains the reason why they refused my entry.

One immigration office I spoke with read it to me and said if I want to return I should come with enough money and come through a different airport preferably the one where my school is located and have them send an arrival letter to the airport.

My question is how soon can I travel back to Ukraine and my chances of me gaining entry this time round since I have enough money on me now (USD 2000)

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    Were you given any documentation when you were refused entry? What did Immigration say about returning? – Traveller Apr 8 at 9:12
  • I was asked to sign a paper – Kelvin Addo Apr 8 at 9:30
  • the immigration said I can decide to come back anytime ones they've returned me to my country – Kelvin Addo Apr 8 at 9:43
  • A paper saying what? Did they cancel your visa? Have you contacted the institution where you were planning to study for advice? – Traveller Apr 8 at 9:44
  • they paper had was basically the reason I was denied entry which was because I didn't have money on me to take care of myself and that I panicked at the end of the interview – Kelvin Addo Apr 8 at 9:46