Does anyone know if you have to leave your passport at the cocnsulate once I apply. I have a flight back to my home country on May 27 and I have to have my passport with me at that point. Is it possible to just mail my passport to them and then for them to mail it back from abroad?

  • German consulate in which country? And what are you applying for? May 27 is six weeks away. Do you think the consulate will need it for longer than that? – user90371 Apr 8 at 2:34
  • If you're going to wait that long to apply for your visa, why don't you do it in your home country? – Michael Hampton Apr 8 at 5:05
  • sorry, German Consulate in Boston, I am applying for a working/residence visa. My home country takes 10 months to SCHEDULE not even process the visa... It's insane there, and it only takes a few weeks in the US. I have an appointment on April 30. – Mateja Sela Apr 8 at 13:14
  • I would tell the consulate of my travel plans and then ask for their suggestions. – Michael Hampton Apr 8 at 13:58
  • problem is they never answer their emails... :( – Mateja Sela Apr 8 at 14:31

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