I have applied for standard UK visitor visa's for me and my wife and children. I have elderly parents staying behind, but they do not live with me and are not dependants, nor did I list them as such in the application.

We have a dog (for 5 years now) who we consider as family and we have strong emotional ties and attachment to him. He will be in a pet care service for the duration of our visit.

  1. Can I mention my pet as a family member left behind in my cover letter? I can provide documentation of his vaccination records for the last 5 years - it mentions my name and address - as proof that I care for him and look after him.

  2. Can I still mention my parents in my cover letter? Do I need to provide some documentation for them?

Please advise ASAP. Thanks.

  • There’s nothing in the Immigration Rules or associated guidance about mentioning a pet as proof of ties but I doubt that it would carry any weight. Do you have other strong ties to your home country in addition to your parents (job, property, savings)? – Traveller Apr 7 at 9:33
  • @Traveller Yes I have all 3 - job, property, savings. And I am submitting the necessary and relevant documents for each. This was one section "evidence of family members..." I was surprised to find in the documentation checklist and hence my question. Do I take it that I can leave this as empty since I am providing proof of the others? Do I need to mention my parents and provide documents for them? Thanks. – Vikky Apr 7 at 10:04
  • On 2, for evidence of family members remaining see travel.stackexchange.com/questions/105037/… My advice is not to include the dog. – A E Apr 23 at 20:49

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