I am travelling to Poland for 3 days and UK for 8 days in June, and then to Germany in August for about 6 days. These are two separate trips. I am getting a leave/NOC letter from my employer for this purpose. I have 2 questions:

  1. Do I need separate letters for all these leave periods and visa types?
  2. Do I need separate letters for UK and Schengen?

Or one letter with all the dates mentioned are fine?

This is my first international trip so I am figuring out stuff.


If the embassies require the original documents, then two documents are needed, as you might be submitting those simultaneously.

  • 2
    One letter per application, given that originals are typically required
    – Traveller
    Apr 5 '19 at 7:59
  • @Traveller You again! Thanks man, I am getting two, one for UK and the other for Schengen. Will that suffice? Apr 5 '19 at 9:26

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