We applied for a Netherlands visa, but our kids will stay in our country

If we attach their school registration form would it be a good document?

  • Is it a full-time boarding school, i.e. will they be caring for your children full-time? (I've never heard of visas requiring proof that you're not neglecting your children though.) – Rup Apr 1 at 14:02
  • 2
    @Rup, I believe the school registration is proving that they have the idea to come back..... – Marcel P. Apr 1 at 14:09
  • @Rup, no they will stay wz mum but registration is proving we will come back for them . just i ask .children is under caregiver situation? – enas Apr 3 at 8:53
  • OK, sorry for the confusion. To me, "caregiver" means who will be looking after them, rather than proof of your ties to your home country. Was this a word on the form? They may have meant someone who looks after elderly relatives or ill partners etc. rather than children - that's when the word is normally used. – Rup Apr 3 at 9:05
  • oh.no problem .thanx for ur reply... – enas Apr 3 at 10:34

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