I came to uk on study visa in 2010 . But my college got blacklisted in 2011 . My college name was Halifax college harrow. Then I applied for new visa . But my agent did fraud with me . He was taken my money £4000 .but he did not apply my any visa . My time was finished . Then I overstayed for 2 years in UK. In 2014, I came back to my country . I was not banned and I took ticket at my own and returned to my home country. 

I would like to know am I eligible to apply again on any other visa?

Can I apply spouse visa now ?

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    A two-year overstay makes it unlikely you'll be granted any sort of visitor visa. If you want to ask about spouse visas you should ask on Expatriates. – user90371 Mar 31 at 2:16

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