I had applied for UK Tier 2 visa and realised one of the documents I had submitted was incorrect along with multiple other errors. So I withdrew my application so that it won't get rejected.

I am planning to apply again with correct documents and details this time around. Should I mention in the second application that I had previously withdrawn an application?

  • Does the application ask for this? – Michael Hampton Mar 30 at 22:02
  • No, it does not ask for it. However they do have a text input box at the end stating state anything else which you would like us to know. Will they treat my application as fraudulent if I don't mention it here? – GriffinTaimer Mar 30 at 22:39
  • I made a new application and the application got refused because I foolishly forgot to attach a UK NARIC english language proof. The refusal letter contained only the reason related to the english language proof. Now is it safe to assume that the withdrawn application was not looked into? – GriffinTaimer Apr 23 at 21:00

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