I have applied UK visiting visa on March 4th 2019. Application reached on March 5th. On March 20th i got email saying


Your UK visa application has been despatched from the UK Visa Section.

If you are applying from China, Europe, North & West Africa and GCC countries:

  • And you submitted your application at a visa application centre - You will receive an email within 1-2 working days from TLS or VFS on collecting your decision. Please ensure you check your e-mail account and do not attend the VAC until you are advised to.

VAC - Visa Application Centre.


  • You submitted your application at the following locations: Cyprus, Gibraltar, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Malta, Norway, Denmark and Estonia, you will receive an email from DHL within 1-2 working days with your waybill number. You can track your application via the DHL website using this waybill number.


If you applied via a US Department of Homeland Security Application Support Centre or a VFS Premium Application Centre and chose to have your passport mailed back to you directly, that will take place shortly.

If you submitted your application via a VFS Premium Application Centre and chose to collect your passport in person at the end of the process, they will be in contact with you to provide further guidance.

If anyone contacts you advising that your application is still under consideration or that they can influence the outcome of your application in any way, they cannot - please report any such approach to UKVI.

You should not expect to receive any further emails from this office. Regards,

UK Visa Section Croydon

Until now i didn't get passports. i am tracking UPS return shipping label which i sent with the application. Its more than 8 days after i got email from the embassy. Did any one applied UK Visa recently. Any information will be appreciated

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