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I hold a Philippine passport, with a C1 visa (transit visa to US). I had booked flights traveling back to Manila from Barbados. My iterinary is from BGI to JFK, then on JFK New York then Cathay Pacific. I still need to stop over in YVR - Vancouver - Canada before heading to Hong Kong. Do I still need to have a transit visa from Canada , even will just stop over for 3hrs just to pick up passengers from there and heading to Hongkong? Or am I eligible to TWOV transit without visa as holding a Philippine passport and have a C1 transit visa from US. Thanks in advance.

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Yes, as you hold a Philippine passport and you are transiting to/from the US, through Vancouver airport, arriving on Cathay Pacific (one of the approved airlines), and you entered the US on a US visa and you did not overstay, you qualify for the Transit Without Visa program which means you can transit Canada without a visa.

  • Thank you so much @user102008, appreciate much! – jun Mar 28 at 13:44

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