We have an upcoming travel to Philippines from Barbados via USA, my friend and 1 have a B1/ B2 And C1. Question is we have a stop over in Vancouver for couple of hours, would it be a transit visa to Canada is applicable or needed for this itinerary?

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    Visa requirements depend on your nationality. We cannot say whether you need a visa in Canada without knowing your nationality. – phoog Mar 27 at 17:51
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    In particular, if you are Philippine nationals, you may be eligible for the Canadian Transit Without Visa program. – Michael Seifert Mar 27 at 17:55
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    What country issued your passport? – Michael Hampton Mar 27 at 19:04
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    Hi Micheal, im carrying a Philippine passport and i have a B1/ B2 Tourist Visa of United States and my colleague has a C1 Visa. – Jhong Quinto Mirasol III Mar 27 at 22:24

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