I hold a Vietnamese passport and have resided in Belgium for the last few years. So I have a Belgium residence card type A.

I am currently visiting London and my backpack was stolen on the way to the Eurostar train, all my travelling documents (passport + Residence card) are gone.

I went to Vietnamese embassy to apply for the new passport, so that is fine.

But my question is what can I do to travel back to Belgium with my new passport, a copy of my residence card, a police report?

Do I need to apply for new visa at the Belgium embassy (I went to the Belgium embassy but the old lady was terrible, she kept saying it was my fault and I should have left my ID card in Belgium)

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    If you leave your ID in Belgium how would you have got back into Belgium, or even been allowed on the Eurostar? – BritishSam Mar 27 at 15:14
  • You are right, BritishSam, I have to bring it with me, that is why I lost it. The lady was just terrible (and maybe ... a bit stupid) – Quynh Hoang Mar 27 at 15:29
  • The only thing you can do is seek assistance from a Belgium consulate or embassy – BritishSam Mar 27 at 15:31
  • Hmm, I did, and what I got from them was the silly answer, as you just pointed out @BritishSam. I here want to ask for advice from people with similar stories. – Quynh Hoang Mar 27 at 15:39
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    Was the lady in the embassy Belgian or British? In any event, I suspect that the proper procedure is to apply for a visa. Exactly how to submit such an application is unclear, because the instructions I can find concern only new applications for a prospective immigrant, not an application for a returning resident with a lost residence permit. You might try asking the Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering or the Association pour le droit des étrangers for advice. – phoog Mar 27 at 20:13

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