I have a Schengen visa for Hungary from 24-28 March, but have air tickets that depart on 29th of March at 6 pm.

Will I be allowed or is there any problem if I overstayed 1 day?

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    I was just being mildly sarcastic. – Hanky Panky Mar 20 at 18:55

You will likely be able to board the plane, but unlikely to be allowed back into the Schengen again. If at all possible, change the flight back, or get a new flight, that will allow you to leave on the 28th.

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    I don't think any Schengen country is likely to issue a permanent ban over a 1-day overstay. The risk of being denied entry strikes me as much more of a problem. – phoog Mar 20 at 19:18
  • @phoog, agreed. The overstay will be in the record and the next visa application will likely be rejected after looking at the records, not before. – o.m. Mar 21 at 5:44

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