I will attend an academic conference in France in the upcoming month. La Rochelle University will host this conference. Although I will deliver a presentation during this conference, I will stay at a hotel and will make my payments on my own.

They want me to fill the Schengen form. In the form, they ask me a question about "Host person or organisation". There are three option boxes as follows:

  • A person will be accommodating me

  • A company, organisation or establishment will be accommodating me

  • My hotel or place of accommodation (if different)

I can tick any of these boxes, i.e. one, two, or three of them at the same time. Since I will stay at a hotel, I ticked the third box. On the other hand, since a specific person will not host me, I did not tick this box. However, I am not sure about the second box.

Should I tick the second box too in addition to the third box? La Rochelle University will host the organisation; however, as I mentioned, I will stay at a nearby hotel that has no connection to the university. If I tick the second box too, they want me to fill in the information about the organisation, such as address, e-mail, and some other contact info. Or, shall I simply leave this box empty?

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